What is VOIP

Why choose hosted VoIP? Here are a few reasons to get you started:

Cost savings

Regardless of your industry, call costs are significantly cheaper with hosted VoIP. Switch now and save. You’ll have no large upfront investments and nothing to maintain. And since the provider operates and maintains the system at all times, cost savings can be even more significant over a period of time.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In general terms, hosted services deliver a better TCO for businesses with geographically dispersed branch offices, a growing need to support mobile and remote end-users, and the desire to take advantage of the advanced features offered by hosted VoIP without all the maintenance and licensing fees.

100% Scalability

Because VoIP systems are virtual systems, they can expand and grow as your business grows. Adding a new extension is as simple as buying a VoIP phone, plugging it in, and ordering an additional line. It’s that simple.

Ultimate flexibility

Nothing surpasses hosted VoIP when it comes to mobility. Companies with branch offices, outside sales force, and remote workers won’t miss a beat when it comes to business opportunities. Calls are routed through the hosted VoIP provider to whichever number(s) have been provided.

Perfect for telecommuters

Telecommuters can easily access the full range of features of the office system as long as they have an Internet connection. This can reduce office space and utility expenses, as well as give you the freedom to hire outside your area and dip into a greater talent pool.

Free on-net calling

Calls between your hosted-connected offices and remote workers are free.

User friendly

Easy-to-use web interfaces enable users to manage, monitor, and make changes to their account at any time. Specialized skills are not needed.

Big-business feel

The professional sounding telephone solution afforded by hosted VoIP systems can give even a small business a professional edge. This is not possible with traditional phone systems.

Virtual Presence

Hosted VoIP, which allows you to get local virtual numbers, enables you to look like you’ve got a business in a particular city – when you really don’t.

Easy setup

Hosted VoIP can be set up quickly and easily. You can be up and running on a hosted VoIP system in a matter of days.